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Typing crutches for our elders... and their moms and dads!


It is a Stamina's typing tutor web-site for Windows, dedicated to the Ukrainian version. You will discover official additions, news and other exclusive materials here.

So, what is "Stamina"?

  1. The capability of sustaining prolonged stressful effort.
  2. A person's ability to withstand extreme physical activity, tiredness, or sickness are all referred to as stamina.
  3. Stamina is when you have a lot of energy. For example when people bounce around, or run a lot without getting tired people say the have a lot of stamina. (energy)
  4. Stamina, the plural of stamen, the male organ of a flower.

I.e. "Stamina" it is possible to describe as "energy stamina". Why as "energy stamina"? Stamina — so the plural of stamen, the plural of stamen — so typing keys, typing keys — so from Russian "stamina" is [tychinki], i.e. [tykat'], i.e. typing, "energy stamina" — so typing a lot without getting tired.

For more in detail about the program and its possibilities, please read our "Description".

The Stamina typing-tutor is developed by Alexey Kazantsev and has an official stamina.ru web-site.
Our web-site translated the program to Ukrainian and represents it in the Ukraine.

On stamina.org.ua web-pages you can:

  • To read the latest news about updates of the Stamina, web-site or other changes.
  • To download the expanded files for the Stamina: music, sounds, exercises, background etc.
  • To view the list of the interesting and useful links.
  • To find out who to us helps or to make the contribution.
  • To get other interesting information.

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