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Typing crutches for our elders... and their moms and dads!

I am:


Andriy Slezenko

I AM! Translator of the Stamina to Ukrainian language, stamina.org.ua holder, author of several exercises and applications for typing tutor, and also developer of the UkrKeyboaRd!

Date of birth: September 26, 1980 year from Christs birth :)

Desirable vacancy:
  All the same what to do

Desirable salary: $1000 or how many will give.

  1999 2005, Kyivs'kij Derzhavnyj Universitet Tehnologij ta Dizajnu. Speciality: "Electrical appliances"
  1997 1998, PTU # 1 (Professional technical school). Specialist (the average special education), speciality: "Human controller of the electronic computer", "Red Diploma"
  1989 1994, Musical School # 32, Full course of tutoring, speciality: "Clarniet". Was trained also: piano, guitar, xylophone, chorus, solfedjio... also nerves etc :)

  Grows in miscellaneous aspects of occupations :)

  Very heavy.

  Internet (monitoring, searching, analysis etc.)
  Html, javascript, php (it's a little)
  Optimization of web-pages
  Advertising and search advancement
  Writing and creation of help files (.hlp and .chm formats)
  Testing of the software
  Translation of the software
  Installation and settings of the software
  Assembly of computers (was engaged)
  Creation of Japanese crossword puzzles
  I like music and astronomy
  To be trained to driving of the car, time is not enough :)
  I am interested by everything, than only it is possible :)

Marital status:
  As one comrade - "son" has written :D I am single



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